H&D – An HCL Technologies Company


Aside from our integral and goal-oriented approach, another fundamental factor in the success of our customers is the personal effort of our colleagues.

Commitment & Competence

We can achieve successful, individual customer projects, with a very high level of solution quality, thanks to significant personal commitment as well as both professional and social competence. Through our personal identification with the work we do, we produce continuously high quality and hence, equally high customer satisfaction.

Qualification & Growth

Permanent further qualifications, both on professional as well as personal levels, are the prerequisites for stable work places and continued growth. Pro-activity, self-sufficiency and a sense of responsibility belong unequivocally to our self-image.

Alliance & Trust

Characteristics of our company include factually based and wide-ranging know-how, as well as highly motivated colleagues. The collective, allied spirit amongst our colleagues, but also between the management and staff, is characterized by trust and open, honest communication.

Flexibility & Impact

Along with our levelled hierarchy and prompt decision-making processes, our recipe for success also includes high flexibility and power of impact, which have extremely positive effects on our customer projects.