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Bernhard Hönigsberg

Managing director and spokes-person

Anita Hönigsberg

Managing director

Andreas Lehmann

Managing director

Claudia Raabe

Managing director

Shiv Walia

Managing director

Alok Roy

Managing director

From passion to entrepreneur

In the mid-nineties, then systems analyst and graduate mechanical engineer Bernhard Hönigsberg and his wife, Mrs. Anita Hönigsberg, met the young industrial electronics specialist Oliver Düvel. Both men discovered a mutual connection in their passion for Information Technology and software development. From a commonly shared vision, the idea to found a "Start-Up" business was formed. It all kicked off then in 1996: Hönigsberg & Düvel Datentechnik took its first tentative steps as a BGB company with four employees.

Initially, the company provided data processing training in the area of PC. The company's legal form was to develop into a Public Limited Company – subsidiaries were founded and the company's success story began snowballing!

Today the company provides services along the entire value chain of the IT industry and boasts some 1,400 employees at 20 national and international locations, rendering exceptional services for our customer.