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Business Continuity Management

The Show Must Go On: In many fields, disruptions and down-times are not tolerable. The goal is to restore critical business processes as quickly as possible and to install appropriate crisis management. Here we present a customer project with an international private bank.

Business Continuity Management in the finance sector

The project

  • Conceptual design of an integrated Business Continuity Managements for the German branches of an international private bank and its IT subsidiaries
  • The goal is the assurance of continuation of the most important operative tasks in the case of internal or external incidents, which led to disruptions

Our services

  • Business Impact Analyse (BIA) for the analysis of financial, operational and effects on reputation of down-times
  • Identification of the key activities to be restored in critical business processes requires IT resources (Personnel, Infrastructure, Applications)
  • Risk analysis
  • Development of economically meaningful continuity strategies
  • Construction and implementation of high-performance and economical emergency- and crisis-management
  • Creation of educational and training schedules for the responsible persons