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Consulting and Migration

Whether in specialist consultation, requirement management, application development, migration, support, documentation or process optimisation – the customer projects we have presented here provide an impression of our competence in the fields of consulting and migration.

Windows XP-Rollout - Volkswagen AG

In the Research and Development (FE) department at Volkswagen AG, the plan is to replace all Windows NT operating systems with the new Windows XP licence.

The task

The plan at FE was to initiate an automated replacement of Windows NT with XP for approximately 10,000 clients and, simultaneously to instruct all users by means of a PowerPoint presentation.

The project procedure

  • The client formulates his requirements
  • Contact made with H&D's Service and Support fields
  • H&D internal inter-divisional agreements and discussions on solution alternatives
  • Creation of ideal concepts and presentation for the clients through the areas of Service and Support as well as Training
  • Approval from the client
  • Information search through the fields of Service and Support
  • Classification and content preparation through the field of Training
  • Creation of presentations by the Multimedia field
  • Roll-out by the specialist departments, support through Service and Support

SAP CRM KUBA - Volkswagen Financial Services AG

The task

  • Specialist consultation and application development for the KUBA system (KUBA = Kundendatenbank – customer database) based on SAP CRM for the customer databases at Volkswagen AG

The scope

  • Over 1,000 users
    mySAP CRM
    BI Business Intelligence
    XI Exchange Infrastructure
  • Specialist division and process consultation
  • Second Level Support
  • Application development
  • Interface support
  • System Monitoring


  • Conversion from BW 3.5 to BW 7.0
  • Conversion from CRM 5.0 to CRM 7.0
  • Continuation of world-wide rollout

SAP CRM - Volkswagen Financial Services AG

The task

  • Specialist consultation and application development for the VW FSAG System "CIC" (CIC = Customer Interaction Centre) based on mySAP CRM

The scope

  • Approx. 800 users
    External field-services
  • Specialist department and process consultation
  • Test organisation and test coordination
  • Application development in the area of Call Centre user interfaces, including Telephone-Integration (Component/Technology Interaction Centre WebClient (ICWC) and leaps to non-SAP systems
  • Consultation and application development in system comprehensive Back-Office processes (Technology People-Centric User Interface (PCUI)


  • Conversion from CRM 5.0 to CRM 7.0

SAP for Automotive DSL - Volkswagen AG

The project: Integrated basic schedule DSL

Migration of all vehicle development basic schedules from the Host-Welt in the SAP group system TI Syncro for Volkswagen AG

  • Execution of vehicle migrations
    Development and further development of migration portals
    Execution of test migrations and final live compression set
  • Support and development of ES interfaces
    Support and further development of interfaces from SAP to Host-System ES
  • Supervision in the field of "Change-Sequence-Graph", or, where applicable, cycles
    Development of tools for easier determining of cycles and their adjustment
    Support of specialist departments in the framework of cycle-adjustment
  • Support of the TEIVON systems
    Support and further development of systems for online part-number assignment

The scope

  • Project team of 10 colleagues (7 of which for H&D), extended team of 20 colleagues


  • Transfer of all relevant vehicle classifications until 2013 to TI Syncro
  • Support of the TI Syncro system surrounding the ES interfaces and ÄRG-Topics

Fleet Ordering - Volkswagen AG

The project

  • Fleet Ordering is a Volkswagen Group solution for the online configuration and online-ordering of vehicles through fleet customers and specialist target groups (VIPs, Journalists, etc.)
  • Through the expansion of "Fleet Ordering Rent-A-Car", vehicle rental specialists can agree and order their annual volume planning with Volkswagen online

Our services

  • Consultation and requirement management
  • System realisation
  • System support
  • Realisation of successor systems "Fleet Ordering NextGeneration"

SAP ERP - Volkswagen AG

The project

Effective and cost optimised development and production of vehicles in the Volkswagen Group thanks to the gradual replacement of existing complicated system landscapes and migration to SAP ERP (Branch solution "SAP for Automotive") in your project with "Integrated Object Lists”

Extensive technical, temporal and process-related data is provided as both integrated and consolidated for your respective field:

  • Object list (administration)
  • Variant construction kits
  • Change management
  • Approval
  • Scheduling
  • Quality assurance

Our services

  • Consultation in the development process, system consolidation and modification analysis
  • Development coordination and application development
  • 3rd Level Support
  • Hotline and 2nd Level Support

Internet presence - Volkswagen AG

The project

Guarantee of availability and scalability of the entire system (60 servers / 40 web applications)

In the customer portal on a daily basis, thousands of customers obtain information on the offers from the VW Group on worldwide through the central point of access for the firm establishment of intentions to purchase:

  • Planning of their desired vehicle in the CarConfigurator
  • Establishment of contact and price information
  • Over 100 national sites world-wide in several languages

Our services

  • Operation of necessary infrastructure (Software)
  • Maintenance and adjustment of existing solutions
  • 7x24 On-call service
  • Support, further development, documentation and optimisation of processes
  • Point of contact between development and productive approaches
  • Support in the development process and upon technical implementation