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Desktop Services

For many years, we have dependably provided support for our customers in the field of Desktop Services and command wide-ranging experience. Here you can obtain an overview of some selected customer projects.

FIS - Change Management - Volkswagen AG

3rd Level Support

3rd Level Support assists vehicle manufacturing factories upon the occurrence of problems with the vehicle-assembly information software FIS (Fahrzeugfertigung-Informations-Software), developed by the Volkswagen Group.

Problems which are not covered by the scope of 2nd Level Support are then registered by 3rd Level Support.

This requires the quick solving of problems and, when requested, changes to supplied software and software versions. In addition, the support of further developments in user software, its supervision as well as service and maintenance, are also provided.

The following business processes are assisted here:

  • Production activity control in vehicle production factories for the areas of body-shell work, paint-shop and assembly
  • Machine maintenance in VW factories for vehicle and component assembly

Developed Software

FIS is a modularly structured system for Client-Server-Architecture, in order to ensure databases and core modules are assigned to sub-systems. The sub-systems cover a range of requirements in the individual production facilities. Existing sub-systems can be inserted at other locations without the need for programme alterations. Necessary adjustments based on regional conditions can be undertaken without table parameterisation.


The beginning and end of Change Management is the speedy processing of problems and alteration requests through the product manager and in-house developers, in order to avoid, or minimise, vehicle loss and production down-times.


  • Management of the Support-Mailbox
  • Estimation of error classification
  • Immediate adding of data to the Change-Management-Database
  • Initiation of judgements and processing through product management and development
  • Pursuit and tracking of adaptation
  • Report creation and evaluation for the Change Control Team
  • Provision of Sources, Hot-fixes and Fix-packs

Technical solutions

  • The configuration management tool for FIS-Software is CMSynergy 6.3
  • Change Management is conducted through Rational Clear Quest.
  • The data can be accessed through the intranet and entered by authorized persons.


  • Project size/Team strength: 4 employees in IS product creation (Change Management & Build Management)

User Help Desk - Research Centre Karlsruhe

The project

  • Server Management, support of infrastructure and complementary services
  • Extensive Client Management and Support
  • Service & Support-assistance for hardware maintenance and software management

Our services

  • Server- and Client-Support
  • Approx. 3500 PCs
  • Microsoft Office and Back Office
  • Linux-/Unix-Installations
  • Research centre specific applications
  • 8am – 5pm, 5 days-per-week

Managed IT-Services in the finance sector

The project

  • Managed Services for the German branches of an international private customer bank
  • SLAs for accessibility, initial-solution rates, solution times

Our services

  • Approx. 1400 Desktop users in Germany
    Thin Clients (Citrix)
  • Service Desk
    Single Point of Contact
    1st Level Support
    Incident Management
    SLA for direct solution rates and accessibility
  • User Management
  • 2nd Level Support
    Field staff
    SLA for solution times (with prioritisation)
    Root Cause Analysis
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Implementation, operation and additional development of ITSM-Tools NILEX

Outsourcing on the basis of SLAs - Volkswagen Financial Services AG

The target

Outsourcing of the entire Enterprise Help Desks including:

  • Help Desk with integrated 1st Level Support
  • 2nd Level Support
  • User service / Client support
  • Approx. 3000 users with PCs and 600 printers
  • approx. 120 software programmes
  • 7am – 8pm, 6 days-per-week
  • Multi Language Support
  • Implementation of Service Desk Tools
  • CITRIX Support
  • Branch network / External Services / Telecommuting work-places

The implementation

An advanced analysis/inventory through the area of business consultancy was the basis for the agreement between the client and H&D for the commitment to the Service Level. Following a contractually defined adjustment phase, the area of Service and Support was in a position to cover the planned scope of the Enterprise Helpdesk. Regular reports and review meetings are the basis for quality assurance and a trusted partnership.

Escalation levels for the solution of Office problems – Research Centre Karlsruhe

The goal

The creation of a standardised approach for the solution of incidental job definitions from the Office environment within a pre-defined time-frame.

The solution

In-coming Office problems are registered on location by 1st Level Support.

Escalation – Level 1

The Service- and Support-Employees on location attempt to provide a solution to the problems within a designated period of time (max. 4 hrs).

Escalation – Level 2

If no immediate solution is possible, the field of Training is informed and those responsible attempt to provide a solution to the problem within 24 hours.

Escalation – Level 3

If that measure should also fail to provide solution, a fundamental problem analysis is conducted in the field of software development, which generally leads to a solution approach with effort estimation. The customer is informed by 1st Level Support and can decide whether or not he wishes to commission the solution.

Volkswagen Financial Services AG

The projects

Effective and efficient support at VW FSAG:

  • IT Services
  • Business Activities

Our services

  • Server and client support
  • approx. 6,000 Desktop systems world-wide
  • over 200 applications
  • Service Desk 7x24 hours, multi-lingual
  • Operating, User Management, Software Development
  • SAP Consultation and Development
  • Client Management with software distribution and licence management, Patch management, virus protection
  • Incident-, Problem- and Change Management incl. participation in the Change Advisory Board
  • Operative personnel planning and control
  • Support of bank specific software and customer consultation
  • Project management

Support in the research and development - Volkswagen AG

Since 1996, H&D have been attending to diverse departments in the Volkswagen Groups "Research & Development (FE) field. Around three quarters of all FE users benefit from the all-inclusive service from our proven experts.


The target is to continually increase the productivity of the users through innovative support and consultation based on stable applications.


  • Number of domains: 10
  • Servers: approx. 30 (Windows NT 4 / 2000)
  • Users/Clients: approx. 12,000
  • Operational systems: Windows NT 4, 2000, XP
  • Numerous test facilities, high-speed-camera systems and varied additional hardware

Scope of service

"EVERYTHING for your PC" is part of the Service-Package – from the supervision of hardware - (PCs and all forms of auxiliary equipment) and software-problems through consultation upon the purchase of hardware or software to the writing of smaller applications, which are tailored to the needs of the respective departments.


  • High-speed-cameras
  • 7 Crash-Systems with 20 computers
  • 1 system "Airbag control"
  • 1 system "Climate control"
  • 1 CD-ROM-Backup-Server, mirrored with 400 CDs

Technical solutions

All requirements which occur surrounding your PC will be registered by our specialists and quickly, competently and efficiently dealt with. Future-oriented requirements will be seized and, with the aid of innovative technologies, planned and implemented.


  • Direct contact partner for the users
  • Speedy error correction
  • On-location service


  • Project size/Team strength: Project start was in 1998 with 6 H&D- and 2 further external employees.


In the field of photo-servers, there are currently 60 new computers for the operation of a Crash-Centre and further test facilities are planned.

Comments on H&D from the FE central sector "Technology

"... fast, reliable, flexible!"

"The continued and successful input from H&D in recent years here with us in FE has been characterised, amongst other things, by the following factors:

  • An exceptionally good price for goods/services ration
  • A distinctive understanding of service provision
  • Exceptional process and technology know-how
  • An on-going quest for innovation and constant improvement in service

We sincerely intend to continue our exemplary collaboration with H&D!"

Process-Chain-Support - Volkswagen AG

What is KVS, who is KoStA?

KVS is the "Konstruktionsdaten-Verwaltungs-System" (Construction Data Management System) from the Volkswagen Group. The KVS-System is a document platform and archive for the global exchange of all relevant group internal construction data, along with the corresponding written documentation. KoStA is the associated online assistant.

Our motto: "Finding solutions – competently, effectively and quickly!"


Our main target is to ensure our users are provided with the best possible solutions with which to perform their assigned tasks.

Content/Scope of service

  • Assistance upon file deposition and data search
  • KVS-User from the specialist department set-up and manage
  • Testing of new KVS versions and error analysis
  • Evaluation and forwarding of improvement suggestions
  • Support upon data exchange with internal and external partners
  • Conducting of user workshops upon system and process alterations
  • Assistance in the development of the "KonstruktionsStandsAssistenten" (KoStA): Analysis of process procedures in development, creation of examples and screenshots

Technical solutions:

The target of the process-chain-support is to provide effective support for the design engineers from their viewpoint – their interest is the solution of procedural problems and not the extensive utilisation possibilities of their equipment.


Direct contact partner for the users

  • Fast problem correction
  • On-Location Service

Project size/ Team strength

2 Employees permanently in KVS/Process-Chain-Support


Functional expansion of KVS continually maintained in KoStA