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With tailored software solutions, we support our customer's company internal processes. We conduct services throughout the entire lifecycle of applications – from the analysis of business processes through to the operation of completed solutions. Get a brief overview through our selected customer projects.

Prototypes Master List - Volkswagen AG

"From Vision to Viable" - PML began with the requirement of recognising construction failures even before the prototype construction stage.

Within the framework of a pilot project, it will be clarified if testing can be conducted utilising currently available data, processes and documentation and subsequently manage construction part lists, testing and test results.


Composing of the test scope:

  • Testing of the versions of component data (3D-Partial Models, ... etc.) for compatibility
  • Export of testing scope in the diagnosis systems (i.e. VPM)
  • Administration and archiving of the test results in the system SAP R/3
  • Export of results for presentation and evaluation of statistics and reports are conducted by conventional administrational tools

Content-/ Performance-scope

The concept provides for an application in SAP R/3 which makes it possible to import change lists in different formats and deal with them by hand. Based on existing parts and applications, it should be possible to put together a testing scope.

The test is triggered by the SAP user interface. Once testing has been conducted, the results are imported into the SAP database. Evaluation of test results can be exported to Excel/Powerpoint.

Technical solutions

The programme "ZA1_VW_VB_2" is a diagonal application in ABAP/4.


  • The availability and quality of CAD data is safeguarded early
  • Simulations based on CAD data are prematurely possible
  • Necessary post-processing of the construction data is recognised earlier
  • The transparency of trial results are assured

Project size

Development effort for prototype:

  • Approx. 2,000 hours in 1,5 years
  • Number of source-code rows approx. 12,000
  • Approx. 10 monitors (DYNPROs)
  • 13 database tables +views
  • Search and assistance functions
  • 17 newly created sub-programmes (FORMs)
  • 57 Programme modules with approx. 40 error and other messages

Productive phase

In the framework of a pilot, the project was so successful that we have created a fully productive version from the initial pilot. An evolutionary further development adjusts the system for new challenges.

OMD-Suite NADIN - Volkswagen AG

  • Order Management and Distribution Suite
  • N e w V e h i c l e
  • A D m i n i s t r a t i o n a n d
  • I n f o r m a t i o n
  • N e t w o r k

The project

  • NADIN is an OMD-Group solution for the customer ordering process in the world-wide distribution network of the Volkswagen Group.
  • Since 1999, H&D have been supporting Volkswagen as a development partner in the further development of the group solution NADIN.
  • From old to new: New development of an OMD solution based on the processes of the established group solution NADIN. Future oriented Group-Technology-Standards are applied: Java, Spring, Hibernate, IBM WebSphere, Tomcat

Our services

  • Acceptance of requirements and consultation in OMD process
  • System realisation
  • Migration and Rollout-Support
  • Multilingual Application Services with on-call service

Capacity Planning and Eliminated Hours (KPS) - Volkswagen AG

"From old comes new" – Re-engineering of existing, naturally developed ACCESS-2.0-Datenbases

  • Without functional requirements / technical specifications
  • Solely with the old version of the database


The existing database, including the available functionalities, has developed naturally with increasing requirements throughout the on-going process. The scope of the programming is approaching a magnitude which is normally not progressed directly in ACCESS-Forms, but rather the functionality is separated from data management.


Implementation of the existing functionality and expansions in VP-Programming, the data management continues to be conducted in an ACCESS-Database. The data management can later be conducted with slight changes within the SQL-Server or OracleDB.


  • Reduced response times, as both data management as well as logistics are optimised
  • Intuitively operable through consistently utilised software ergonomics
  • Error-tolerance through error inquiries and user management

Project size

  • Development effort approx. 500 hours
  • Number of source code rows: approx. 23,000


Planned expansions:

KPS is set to be implemented in all major departments. The evaluation / reports are to be department dependent. In the future, it should also be possible to produce comprehensive departmental reports.

Open System for Coordination Administration and Resource Management

The necessity to be able to register and evaluate all projects hours accomplished for the customer, be they in-house our on location, in-time and independently of the location, was a requirement of our own internal development. Oscar is a web-based, project oriented, modular management system for in-house project administration – flexible, fast and secure.


Summary of all project specific data in a central database, and automated administration procedures.

Logging of project hours: The project hours are booked according to defined projects, partial projects or also tasks.

Project controlling: In the form of a report, a summary of the data is possible based on the tasks, project or partial project level.

The implementation

End of 2002

Concept and functional specifications, drafting of programming of the basic module initial filling of the rational database.


Further development of the basic module and integration of the functional module (Work-time administration, personnel management, project management, script engine for report creation (XLS, DOC, PDF).

Planned 2004

Expansion of the module for offline-use, project-controlling, -calculation and forecast

Utilised technologies

  • Microsoft .NET
  • SQL-Server
  • Office XP


  • Comfortable project work-hour registration
  • Automated evaluation with varied views
  • Minimisation of multiple-registration and paper-driven processes

Project size

  • Code rows: approx. 30,000
  • Files: approx. 2,000
  • Tables: approx. 50

Windows XP Rollout - Volkswagen AG

In Volkswagen AG's "Research & Development (FE)" department, all old Windows NT operational systems were to be replaced by Windows XP licenses

The task

The plan in large areas of the FE department was the automated replacement of Windows NT with XP for approx. 10,000 clients and simultaneously instruction of the users with an animated PowerPoint presentation.

The project procedure

  • The client formulates his requirements
  • Establishment of contact with the areas of Service and Support from H&D
  • H&D-internal, area comprehensive agreements and discussions on solution alternatives
  • Creation of ideal concepts and presentation for the clients through the areas of Service and Support and Training
  • Approval from the client
  • Information acquisition through the field of Service and Support
  • Classification and content preparation through the field of Training
  • Creation of presentations through the area of Multimedia
  • Roll-out by the specialist areas, support from the field of Service and Support