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User Help Desk - Klinikum der Universität München (University Clinic Munich)

Secure hospital IT – the basis for ideal patient care

Initial situation

The clinic at the University of Munich, with locations at "Campus Großhadern" and "Campus Innenstadt" makes it one of the largest hospitals in Europe. The facility is divided into approximately 28 clinics, with an array of differing medical departments, and boasts over 9,000 employees. In caring for the patients and in its administration, IT holds a significant status in assuring the acknowledged quality of the work being performed there. In guaranteeing this, the users were initially provided with a central point of contact (SPoC) for all IT problems or the registration of IT related orders.

As the clinic employs an international personnel crew, this service was also provided in English. "Universitätsklinikum München" currently operates with some 11,000 end-user appliances. From that number, 5,000 PCs and 1,500 printers were catered for by our User Help Desk.


In October 2007, the existing User Help Desk of the clinic was entrusted into the hands of H&D International Group. During the transition, the responsible employees were intensively schooled in the relevant medical applications, so that competent expert information could be provided and arising problems could be efficiently remedied. The supervised applications cover standard SAP, Microsoft Office and Adobe, as well as sector specific applications, including in-house developments from the clinic.

Further milestones include:

  • Agreement from Service Level Agreements (SLA) on the measurement of service quality
  • Analysis and optimisation of Service Desk tools and the telephone system to maintain and guarantee such SLAs as accessibility, first-source solution, reaction- and solution-times
  • Analysis and adoption of existing processes and documentation
  • Implementation of a Knowledge Database to improve the first-source solution rate
  • Expansion of the reporting with historical data

With the exception of national bank-holidays, the User Help Desk was available from Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 6pm. Between 6pm and 8pm, an on-call service was available.

Time frame

The User Help Desk at "Universitätsklinikums München" (University Clinic Munich) was operated by H&D International Group from October 2007 until September 2011.

Customer benefits

Following the implementation of the technical improvements and the commencement of operations by H&D, a distinct improvement in effectiveness was noted. This was measured based on the contractually recorded Service Level Agreements. Regular reports to the IT leaders at the clinic proved that the contractually agreed availability as well as the reaction and solution times had been entirely adhered to and thus, the level of quality of the provided services was maintained.

Along with the solution to acute problems, the User Help Desk also catered for the constant analysis and improvement of existing systems. In this manner, stability and availability were continually increased, whilst malfunctions from proactively avoided for the future. The central point of contact had the advantage that the bulk of enquiries were not just registered but also immediately resolved (high first-solution rate). The specialist medical personnel thus had the chance to concentrate entirely on their own work and experienced less disruptions caused by IT issues.

For the clinic, the external User Help Desk meant a reduction in operational costs whilst maintaining unchanged service quality and customer satisfaction.