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Modernisation of public administration through IT innovation

Public Administration has experienced major changes to its business and IT processes, which would have seemed somehow unthinkable just a few years ago. Under the title of "eGovernment", modernisation and digitalisation has expanded distinctly. With ever increasing significance, the utilisation of electronic and online-media is becoming a more standardized means of communicating with the general public. Contracts with service providers are now proposed electronically, with the so-called "e-Vergabe" (e-Contracting). These developments have initiated major changes in the importance of IT within the sector. Today, stable IT infrastructures and processes are indispensable.

Our H&D experts have catered for the optimisation of IT infrastructures for many clients in the public sector ad had a major influence on the uninterrupted sequence of activities in daily procedures through training, consultation and concept development, i.e. through ITIL®-topics, the supervision of IT Service Desks or the implementation of innovative tools for the design and monitoring of operational IT.

We continually support public administration in exploring the era of information and we can also make our expertise available to you.